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No.1. G S B MATRIMONIALS, since 2004.

Mangalya Manjusha is a Trusted Name in Matrimony Field for GSB Community, at all times since its inception during 2004.

We belive, Rendering Service to Humanity, is equal to worship God.

Like in the past years, Now in the present time, parents have no enough time to spare to go in search of a spouse for their children. As the days pass, their anxiety increases, as well the age of the children too increases. They curse themselves in not finding any fruitful results.

This is the stage where our service help them to make good of it to resolve their problem.

At this advanced state of living, with advanced technology, though the parents are not familiar with computers, are compelled to sit at computers and spare a part of the time to find out a solution for their children, at their own. We welcome all of our elders, brothers and sisters to make use of our sincere and dedicated service in its true spirit.

We are sure that the layout and the use of the latest technology will be sufficient to meet all the requirements you need.
Your feedback is our real strength and we request you to suggest your opinions to improve our standards to your satisfaction.

In the search pages of Brides and Grooms, Horoscopes are displayed in English & Malayalam, and also in Hindi, Kannda, Tamil, Telugu, as per the choice of the member.To view the same, click the Profile Number.

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If you are not a member, and if you come across any suitable Bride or Groom and wish to express interest, Register with us to get the details of the Profile.

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